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QBE Insurance & Artesian Deal Sets a New Standard For Modern Underwriting


3rd August 2020: Commercial Insurer, QBE European Operations has announced the wide-scale deployment of the Artesian Solutions client intelligence platform to boost frontline productivity in commercial insurance. The exciting multi-year deal which spans QBE’s UK underwriting division has seen Artesian deliver its new digital data platform for QBE, with the aim of setting a new standard for modern data and insight driven underwriting – according to the Insurer.

Entering FY21 under challenging economic conditions, QBE’s Executive Director of UK Insurance, Cécile Fresneau has sought to implement a strategy for consolidating data sources and presenting risk and client information in one place. Data will be ready for underwriters to analyse therefore allowing them to focus their skills and expertise on what they do best – providing the right solutions for clients.

QBE and Artesian

In response, Artesian approached QBE with a vision for ‘The Underwriter of the Future’, showcasing how the Artesian Platform would empower QBE to deliver on its strategy by providing a central resource of externally derived insight with historical and up to the minute analysis, accessible by underwriters within the business. Working in partnership with Artesian, QBE could create a new standard for modern underwriting – customer-centred insights enabling faster, clearer, more consistent and future focussed risk selection decisions.

To demonstrate the value, Artesian proposed a detailed test and learn process, giving QBE the ability to merge disparate data sources, create bespoke rules for risk selection utilising firmographic data and most importantly, deliver insight on unstructured news media that paints a much deeper picture for client assessment.

In addition, Artesian’s data agnostic approach meant they were able to integrate with QBE’s long-standing credit information providers. In doing so, the Artesian platform surfaced credit scores via API links and have demonstrated their flexibility in embedding ARCH within the current data landscape at QBE. The success of the test and learn process was such that QBE decided to roll out the Artesian Platform to 250 of their UK underwriters.

David Jones, Director of Underwriting, Property & Packaged at QBE commented on the Artesian relationship: “With the changing nature of risk during these uncertain times, the flexibility and configurability of Artesian’s Platform enables QBE to be proactive rather than reactive to changes in data for client assessment. Critically, Artesian gives us unique access to news media and unstructured data that was previously very difficult to assess.”

Andrew Yates, Co-Founder and CEO of Artesian concludes: “We’re incredibly excited to continue our work with QBE as an innovator and leader in the insurance industry. As the first major insurer to partner with us to implement the full Artesian Platform, I am excited by the willingness of the leadership team to push boundaries. Artesian shares QBE’s vision for the ‘Underwriter of the Future’; one supercharged with immediate access to data and insight. Insurers, brokers and MGAs who are quickest to adopt new technologies will be the ones who emerge strongest from COVID-19, our partnership with QBE sets the benchmark for modern customer-first underwriting innovation.”


For more information about Artesian Solutions please contact:
Kelly Prior, PR Consultant
Tel: 07730 572878
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About Artesian
Artesian is a powerful technology for client facing commercial teams, designed to accelerate revenue growth by helping create deeper and more meaningful B2B relationships.

Artesian has invested over a decade creating leading technology which can read and interpret millions of sources of unstructured content published online which it can combine with factual data about companies. The resulting powerful insights and triggers are used to create meaningful conversations to drive engagement and better long-term customer relationships. Artesian’s usage and adoption rates are some of the highest in the software industry with a browser, mobile device and integrated CRM user-experience.

Artesian ENGAGE helps sales and customer facing teams create genuine relationship-based customer experiences by providing them with a suite of tools to find, get to know, engage, sell and retain.

For companies in regulated industries, Artesian’s Risk and Compliance Hub (ARCH) uses a sophisticated fully programable and configurable decision engine to continuously monitor real-time credit risk and KYC data sources, applying a company’s own internal policies to immediately flag potential issues so they can be resolved by the front-line teams who are best placed to engage with the client.


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