Increasing your chances to Win on Online Slots

Increasing your chances to Win on Online Slots

If you enjoy playing slots you are probably wondering how to increase your chances of winning – learn more now. While there is nothing you can do that will guarantee you the win, there are some useful tips that can make winning more likely.

Always check the game’s RTP

RTP stands for Return to Player and is expressed in percentage. It describes how much players can expect to get back from the slot over a large number of spins. RTP can be calculated based on as much as a few million spins so there is no way to predict how much you will get in a single session. Nevertheless, it is worth picking slots with high RTP. You should always go for slots with RTP over 96{9111bf363f647add152d55890b932a714619e879dedfb3a84eab2749a6baa157}. Even though playing a game with high RTP value does not mean you will definitely win, you are likely to win more often than when playing a slot with low RTP.

Play slots with jackpots

There are many times of jackpots available. Some of them that usually bring smaller prizes can be triggered multiple times during playtime. Others that can award you life-changing sums can only be triggered once by one player. No matter the type of the jackpot, you are always better off playing a slot that offers one rather than a slot without a jackpot. Smaller jackpots can bring you cash rewards and help you maximise your gains. Even though the chances of getting the biggest jackpots are low, it’s worth trying your luck.

Place big bets

When playing online slots your chances of winning are often higher if you place bigger bets. Small bets give you a chance to play longer but you are less likely to win. That’s why it might be a good idea to divide the sum you want to spend that day into only a few spins worth more.

Betting the maximum gives you a chance to activate all the lines in the game, therefore giving you the highest chances of winning. If the maximum bet is too pricey for you, you can look for a different game that offers a smaller maximum bet. There are many online slots to choose from and each player can find something suitable for their budget.

Have a strategy

Before you start the game, you should always think about how much you are willing to spend that day and how long you can play for. You should also think about how much you can bet on each spin. The reason why many players lose a lot of money is because they don’t set themselves these limits.

Even if you are doing well and you landed a few wins, but you reach the sum or the amount of time you wanted to spend on the game, you should stop. Playing longer and placing more bets can lead to you losing everything. You can always come back to the game the next day or some other time and try your luck again later.

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