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What Is Structured VS Unstructured Data?

Structured versus unstructured data? Both are important for data management. But structured data is more valuable than unstructured data. You can use unstructured data for many purposes, such as gathering user reviews or feedback. Written feedback gives you a richer understanding of user experience. So, how can you use structured data to improve your business?  So this just all leads back to the question: what is structured vs unstructured data?

Structured data

Until recently, companies were unable to analyze and act on unstructured data. Instead, they were limited to relying on data that you could count. However, companies are taking advantage of machine learning opportunities, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to create and analyze unstructured data. For example, Google has made tremendous advances in image recognition technology. Now, its AI algorithms can automatically recognize objects in photos. Such advances are vital for the future of data science and data Read more

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10 Delivery Business Ideas


With a vehicle, technology, resourcefulness, a solid work ethic and unmatched reliability, you may have the makings of a local delivery business. — Getty Images/ Tempura

From streaming services to ride-sharing, we live in an on-demand world where instant gratification at one’s fingertips has become the norm. Delivery services are an extension of this cultural phenomenon and present a wide array of opportunities for those interested in carving out a space for themselves catering to the cravings, whims and needs of others.

With a vehicle, technology, resourcefulness, a solid work ethic and unmatched reliability, you can have the makings of a local delivery business. To get the wheels turning, here are 10 ideas that align with today’s top trends and interests.

Courier service

Couriers pick up and deliver packages with a level of service and speed that the postal system doesn’t have. That’s why couriers can command a significant

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10 Small Business Ideas for Retirees


Reaching retirement age doesn’t have to mean the end of your working life; it can be a great opportunity to get into a career that truly captures your passion. — Getty Images/PIKSEL

Now more than ever, those approaching age 65 are opting out of retirement and opting into what some refer to as “encore entrepreneurship,” an opportunity to finally turn their skills, experience, wisdom and passion into a fulfilling small business of their own. The promise of a continued or renewed sense of purpose is so powerful that this age group is the fastest growing segment of business owners. Here are 10 ideas for rewriting the rules of retirement and starting what could be your best chapter yet.

Bed-and-breakfast owner

If you are someone who sets new standards in good hospitality and have been called the host or hostess with the mostest, you may have the makings of a

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10 Green Small Business Ideas


The small business sector can fuel innovation that limits negative environmental impact. Your next venture can care for the planet and be a successful business. — Getty Images/LaraBelova

Many of today’s entrepreneurs are seeing green in ways that are less about profits and more about helping the environment. The small business sector is ripe for innovation that limits negative consequences on the environment by reducing waste, limiting water usage, offering alternatives to harmful chemicals and materials, and lowering carbon emissions.

It’s a proposition that is attracting more and more consumer attention and spending, with two-thirds of consumers reporting that they prefer certified green brands that promote sustainability and do good for the environment. Innovation in eco-entrepreneurship isn’t limited to products; there are many exciting services and platforms to bring your brand of planet positivity to the marketplace.

Zero-waste retail shop

Many communities have a collective consciousness when it comes

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How to Start a Home Care Business


Home care covers several different parts of the health care industry, including elder care and at-home occupational therapy. — Getty Images/FG Trade

Home care businesses provide a valuable service to the community, which is why the industry is expected to double in size over the next 15 years. But the job is demanding, and it’s essential to perform your due diligence before getting started.

What is a home care business?

Home care businesses offer home health and medical services to aging or sick individuals. It’s an umbrella term used to refer to multiple types of services.

A home care business could provide the following services:

  • Companionship to seniors.
  • Assisting clients with daily activities like housekeeping and cooking.
  • Home therapy services, like physical and occupational therapy.
  • Hospice care.

7 tips to starting a home care business

Find out what certifications you need

Before starting a home care business, you must

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