It helps you to quickly configure the wireless network security. Please keep the product away from water and humid environment to guarantee its normal performance 2. Example- use only shielded interface cables when connecting to computer or peripheral devices. You can change SSID in AP setting option and control the number of the connected clients by modifying the max number of peers. To disconnect from a connected wireless network.

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There are 2 ways to use wireless adapter for PBC connection: The software packet program has integrated driver and configuration software. Right click wireless connection on the right-down corner tenda mini 11n wireless usb adapter the desktop to view available wireless networks as the picture below: Tenda mini 11n wireless usb adapter wireless adapter features a sleek compact design that fits into your computer’s USB port with minimal protrusion making it ideal for use when traveling or in a crowded workspace The WMI connects your desktop or notebook computer with an available USB port to your wireless network for Internet access and file sharing.

This is because you have switched to Zero config mode, please right click the Tenda UI ON the right-down corner of your desktop. All functions can be configured via this software.

Tenda WU Mini 11n Wireless USB WiFi Adapter | eBay

However, you can create the corresponding configuration file to connect. Copyright of the whole product as integration, including its accessories and software, belongs to Shenzhen Tenda Technology Co.

You 11j change wireless network key by changing advanced settings. In Windows XP or Windows system, if you want to use the system internally attached wireless configuration program to configure the network adapter, please tenda mini 11n wireless usb adapter disable Tenda UI or switch UI to Zero config.

Wireless N150 Nano USB Adapter

Failed to wirelesw ICS. So when you are installing driver the configuration software will be automatically installed as well. It indicates that WPS function is enabled. Configures authentication, encryption type and key. If the wireless device to connect is not encrypted, the key dialogue box will not pop up.

In Windows system, you have to manually configure share and then switch to AP. To modify Site Status and Security Setting of the existing profiles. The Wi-Fi Protected Setup WPS feature enables devices to easily establish a secure connection to an Access Point or mihi router, eliminating the need for complex encryption codes. There are two installation methods: First enter its WPS configuration interface. When ueb select a wireless network name the detailed information of this selected wireless network will be displayed.

The setting steps of the two modes tenda mini 11n wireless usb adapter be introduced in detail.

Tenda W311U Mini 11n Wireless USB WiFi Adapter

Please peruse this user guide before you install and use the product. If you would like to know more about our product information, please visit our website at www. The other is to install driver only. It is ideal for email, web browsing and file 11m in the home.

This equipment generates, uses and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in tenda mini 11n wireless usb adapter with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Protect it against other nocuous substances 11nn as acid and alkali etc. When you are using wireless network adapter to connect AP or wireless router, please select Infrastructure. Insert the included CD into the CD drive of your computer to auto-run the program. So when you connect it to a wired network, it easily becomes a WiFi hotspot for multiple users to access to Internet, email, etnda and file transfer wirelessly.

When connecting wireless network, a dialogue box will pop up. Client can not obtain IP when connected to soft AP of the wireless network adapter. How to Set WPS And an IP address of