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In fact, all enemy types are susceptible to knockback with a charge attack from a Shooter-type weapon. In the Belly of Midnight. You can also try breaking free by using a Long Pole or Crusher to knock the enemy or enemies away. Remember the Cries of Battle. Bright as the Full Moon.

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The Stench in Sacred Hill.

I think this is what a Dark Steal is? Evading with Shooter weapons always has you moving backwards. After all, there are various methods to obtain more Soul per stage anyway. Signs of Dark Contracts.

Of course, if you only have a very limited quantity you may opt to spend more Soul to use the weaker ones instead. I am by no means an expert at Scaresoul.

A Sword Has No Compassion. The Shrieks of Impalement. Heroes who sought Peace. Why did they have to go and change things around? Prisoners of the Puppetmaster. As a result, some of the following tips are probably no-brainers and common sense to those already familiar with the gameplay mechanics that Scaresoul ultilizes.

You can move from enemy to enemy quickly this way as the first attack in the combo lets you zip around the field. These weapons also work well with large foes in that they interrupt their attacks. Hitting Defense right before it begins will stop your character from continuing. By the way, later stages of the game hand out Golden Jade and Hardeners more frequently. You can also try breaking free by using a Long Pole or Crusher to knock the enemy or enemies away.

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Awakening to the Cry of Cremation. You may also get Chaos Conductors too. Bright as the Full Moon. In the Belly of Midnight. Video Games, Android, iOS, and life! Then I started making notes sczresoul the other stages … until I got the bright idea to just Google the information. Talk about being a greedy dev.

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From Revenge to Cleansing. Although Crusher-type weapons are annoyingly slow, they can block enemy scaresohl if you are already in the process of swinging the weapon forward — i.

Blooming Star IV seems to show up a lot too. The reason for this is that as your Smithing level increases, you will have access to higher grade materials. I am the Agent of Unity.

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They also fill the Burst Gauge faster. In fact, I am quite the terrible player since I am prone to getting hit and rely heavily on levelling and upgrading weapons to get me through every stage. Relying on a single weapon is not recommended. This Style should only be equipped when you know you can clear out all csaresoul extremely quickly.

I also use it to block their attacks.

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