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About last post the error happens here. Ubuntu Windows Ubuntu installation Complete installation instructions are provided here. I still got the same error even though I have already set up FlyCapture with Visual Studio as following your instruction on pages that you suggested.

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Andy 11 June Check out their software downloads page for their SDKs to see what I mean. Anshul Rathore 14 August Pkout 23 February The last error was solved add a line: Andy 9 June Thank you for any help.

FlyCapture Online Help - Getting Started

Feb 4 Marcus Rene 23 February Then, I run again and close it manually again. This I originally found to be a little trickier! Double-click the software executable and follow the installation instructions. Andy, Thanks you for your instruction. Install the full FlyCapture software package.

Nguyen 6 June Unpack the software in a temporary directory. Do you have any tip? Does this work for you when you try more complicated opencv functions such as camshift or getting image first moment?

3rd_flycapture – ViSP

Marcus Rene 26 February If you fljcapture to configure devices, the script changes permissions on the nodes by overwriting the default Ubuntu permissions and giving the user full read and write access to the device nodes.

James 23 June Hi James I have experienced problems with validating Format 7 settings before, which I have described in another posting: More detailed information on this can be found on this post:.

I have also tried every camera driver x64 and x86 that point grey has to offer for my camera FireFlyMV with no luck.

Thresholded to a black and white binary image: StartCapture ; if error! Let me know how you get on.

I think I know what your problem is. But I have no idea how to fix it: Complete installation instructions are provided here. More detailed information on this can be found on this post: You will need a downloads account to access the Download links.

Hi — I think I could have done with mentioning this in the post. Andy 5 June It starts crashing only when I implement the memcpy on the flycapture image object. I suspect its something silly, like incorrect matrix data alignment or something of that sort.

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