Azada adventures 3+

Zoom into the pipe and light the candle. Place the lantern Spoiler 7 on the first hook at the ceiling to get light. Buying format see all.

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Zoom into the right book shelf.

Buying format see all. Ancient Magic In this edition of the award-winning adventure Play Azada: Now place the mop Spoiler 14 into the bucket; it will go back into your inventory as lathery mop. Got one to sell?

By clicking the red, blue azadq green gem the board will turn. Exit and go right to the cave. Place the clock heart and activate it with the glass of lightning Spoiler Screenshot Return upstairs and advwntures straight forward.

Azada: In Libro

Zoom into the table and read the newspaper clipping. Can you adventuees the secrets of the enchanted book before it's too late?. The manual is on the disc.

On the way to the gnome house go left. Email to friends Share on Facebook — opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter — opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest — opens in a new window or tab Add to Watch list.

Go through the door above the mirror. Screenshot Your goal is to bring the yellow fire flies into the holes on the board. Take the brickzoom in again and take the bracelet from the compartment. Click a link laying on acventures chain twice to turn it around.

Take the cart with stones. Screenshot Go back once to the guardians's house.

Dandy - Thank you for your kind words. Look at the part of a recipe, it will be copied into your journal. In Libro is still a pretty hefty adventure quest incorporating a lot of amusing brain-teasers along the way.

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Take the blue and red gem. Screenshot Advenrures to the guardian's house. There seems to be a problem completing the request at present. Wait till it runs away and grab the board and the lantern. Zoom into the basement window on the left side; the one with the smoke; learn that you will need something to get that anklet out there; exit the close up.

Zoom into the grandfather clock on the far right and click again to access a puzzle. Zoom into its hide out and use the bucket 37 to collect coal. To do azaca put the right ingredient into every cauldron. Click where the train stopped and you will be in it again. Click them to start the train.


After playing the demo, I happily purchased it myself. In front of the Guardian's house Take the crumbled paper on the ground; the adventjres will go into your inventory. Zoom into the door of house 16 and place the bracelet Spoiler 2 at the doll's left arm seen from your position. The top of the clock opens, take the cuckoo.

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