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Sham stimulation consisted of an identical setup with PLL tracking, but no sounds were delivered. Given this evidence implicating SWA, it is biologically plausible that memory storage can be enhanced in older adults by promoting slow wave synchronization during sleep. Phase of spontaneous slow oscillations during sleep influences memory-related processing of auditory cues. We then calculated the average target phase of the two groups.

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EEG data from the stored Matlab file were band-pass-filtered between 0. Peak-to-peak amplitudes for 1 all event-related potentials and 2 slow wave potentials for pulse one through five were evaluated using ANOVAs. Consolidation of strictly episodic memories mainly requires rapid eye movement sleep. Nevertheless, it is possible that acoustic stimulation ultimately serves as a mechanism to assist in making sleep more efficient. Despite maintaining the same slow wave criteria as in younger adults the PLL was able to track and target endogenous slow waves in an older population.

During the learning phase participants viewed 88 moderately associated word pairs e. Therefore, future studies should focus on repeated use, potentially over the course of several weeks, as a potentially useful approach to improve both sleep and memory for high-risk populations.

However, the feasibility of this method has not been tested in older adults. Papalambros 1Giovanni Santostasi 1Roneil G. No thanks Submit review.

Red lines indicate mean phase vector and spread is depicted in 20 bins of 18 degrees. Prior to sleep, the intensity of the stimulation was adjusted to a level that the wafe considered acceptable and would not disturb them during sleep 30—50 dB.

For the morning test, words were presented in a different random order. Pulse delivery was targeted 20 degrees prior to the peak of the upstate of the slow wave Figures 12C. There was a sustained increase in SWA for the entire ms epoch, with the largest increase at ms.

Subjective cognitive complaints and longitudinal changes in memory and brain function. When this occurred, the PLL began oscillating at a central frequency of 0. Each positive-to-negative zero crossing was identified and any two consecutive positive-to-negative zero crossings between 0.

The experimental procedure successfully targeted 20—30 degrees prior v301 the peak of the upstate of slow waves and elicited an increase in EEG amplitude.

Spindle density was calculated as the number of spindles per minute of PLL activity.

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The nature of subjective cognitive complaints of older adults. Despite increases in spindle activity following stimulation, we found no significant associations with memory as seen in other studies in young adults Ngo et wafe. The whats and whens of sleep-dependent memory consolidation.

For the above-median performing participants, the phase of pulse delivery was closer to the peak of the upstate. This computation was performed separately for each subject. First we used a zero-phase digital filter with transfer function coefficients of a second order bandpass Butterworth filter in the delta band.

Pulses of pink noise were delivered when the upstate of the slow wave was predicted. Participants were instructed to memorize each pair.

We developed an automated, adaptive algorithm that can monitor the endogenous slow oscillatory activity in the EEG and phase-lock the timing of acoustic stimuli to a desired phase of the slow wave Santostasi et al. Part of the complexity may stem aave age-dependent structural and functional alterations to the frontal cortex Kalpouzos et al. Primary analyses used the V013 data from Matlab unless stated otherwise. Interestingly, similar to phase-locked methodology used in young adults Ong et al.

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The largest increases in spindle activity were seen — ms following pulse delivery. The program automatically installs all the additional software it requires, thus saving you valuable time. How aging affects sleep-dependent memory consolidation? The biggest problem with TV Wave is its difficulty.

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