Anytime I've had an issue it's been resolved in a very timely manner. It was reasonably priced and it had all the functions and features we needed. Cons The new price is too expensive for me and other people. Able to add users, and access a variety of customer records. It's super intuitive so that reduces by a lot the time to train the people in charge of it.

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I am glad and really thankful for rep this software and especially for his support, mostly initially. I would recommend to small businesses. I employ a lot of young people high school and college students and this system takes about 10 minutes to train and get someone comfortable to use. Could you describe more about searches? Very good system And great company support Pros Ease of useprice is excellent ompany support is excellent Flexibility is great Upgrades are very useful Phppointofdale Requires company phppointofswle to move to new pc.

PHP Point of Sale

Thanks for the review! I will continue to not only use but also promote this product as long as I'm in business.

Andy from Pepperwood design. Limited data viewing for users. The things we find lacking are the ability to integrate with a scale for the products that need phppoinntofsale be weighed phppointofsale a good "how to" manual so that we can easily learn how to use all of the functions that the software can perform.

This program works great for businesses that use cash, check, or account numbers for their sales. Used as POS system for a small retail operation bike shop and bike fitting studio. Still lacks sourcing database. Very happy with phpPOS and would definitely suggest it to other small business folks out there looking for a robust yet affordable POS option.

PHP Point Of Sale Software - Reviews & Pricing

Using barcodes in a high traffic environment sometimes can make the operation slow down a little, specially when you have a lot of product in a single transaction Overall: Easyt to log on and log off. PHP pos offers a robust user experience: This is not good.

Mysql needs to be properly optimized to get fast speed. Can work from phone. Its easy to connect thermal printers Configurations is easy Cons: I like that one can suspend a sale while helping out another customer.

Almost three years of usage and it continues to improve. I really enjoyed the user experience. The platform has allowed me to extend functionality to all my needs.

We use the software for costing and inventory pjppointofsale since we are an online shop. Seems to be the best looking and functional POS system I've found.

I'm seriously thinking about going on the cloud to make sure my data is safe as I currently just back up to a usb daily.

PHP Point of Sale Reviews and Pricing -

Keep it up, and thanks for making a great point of sale system! With the inventory management feature, users can add items to their list of phppointoofsale stock and track sales. This software is perfect for small to medium size businesses to track all their stores POS needs.

I bought the product around 5 years ago, it offers everything I need for my small fashion boutique. It easy to add item and quantity and the display lhppointofsale graphics are exceptional Cons: We have to do our end of day cash drawer report on paper because it doesn't include the credit phppointocsale, checks, and gift cards.

Would like the ability to remove some features that are not applicable to my business with just the ability to turn off. I wish I could save custom reports Overall: Was self hosted Cons Going more towards cloud based rather than self hosted.

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