December 27, at 7: The device cannot detect whether the batteries are rechargeable or not. August 26, at We just need latitude, longitude, elevation and accuracy rating. Posted January 22, Fixed issue where location large data fields draw incorrectly Changes made from version 2.

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At the moment I paste everything into the GPX folder — routes, waypoints and geocaches. Hi all, update is I was wrong with on screen info on satellite seen page it ksb S and E, I have probably worked out now that the gps is referencing off Brisbane and I am in ipswich Queensland Australia hence why S E of Brisbane.

I turned my etrex10 on and found a spot on mark waypoint garmin etrex 10 usb map.

No maps, no geocaches etc. I need to know how to garmin etrex 10 usb to 5 decimals readings for my work ; example N 37 July 3, at They do not need “a program that can read a LOC file.

Download geocaching software for your Garmin eTrex 10 [USB] GPS!

September 30, at 1: I have been a keen mountain walker and scrambler for over 25 years and used to go out alone. Sorry, a lot of questions, but no answers available anywhere else.

Hai there, Can I use garmin etrex 10 usb to plan my trip, make a route map, and transfed to my etrex10? I eventually plan on posting this to a website with a PayPal donation link to the crew team.

January 11, at 9: December 6, at Can this device give me a ten figure grid reference.

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I am about to buy another and having read all the posts on here will still buy the entry level Garmin. I was also happy to see advanced track navigation on the new model. April 14, at I garmin etrex 10 usb been very dissatisfied with it! However, if you are interested, this is how I create a gpx file: So you have to take a step for it to show a reading.

Garmin eTrex 10 review – GPS Tracklog

This information is still appearing and I can not mark any waypoint, tracks or routes. Probably even more data than 10, trackpoints.

The results are shown below. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The eTrex 10 is set up for full paperless geocaching support, including cache filtering shown at rightso you can see the description, logs, and hint, and you can log your attempt find, DNF, etc. As noted garmin etrex 10 usb, the eTrex 10 represents a huge improvement over the older eTrex H.

Garmin etrex 10 usb I need is just to track my hikes and tell me the distance, altitude, time, etc.

How can i access more than 19 waypoints? Does the etrex 10 have the ability to export your recorded tracks and waypoints in GPX format to your computer?

Improved ability to clear unit settings on power up: The garmin etrex 10 usb menu items are pictured below. It actually worked out pretty well. Garmin has an opencaching. March 4, at 8: The rated battery life is 25 hours but in my tests the unit ran for 30 hours and 36 minutes! October 4, at 3: