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Hi Matt, great tutorials and blog. Can you please send examples of that to the TBS support team. Article spinning is a method of creating lots of unique content from 1 source article. My question is after spending lots of time on an article like in this tutorial, I create unique versions, is there a good tool you recommend to be able to publish them on other sites including your own wordpress sites and other 3rd party sites??? Sounds like a great idea!

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Also when you finish spinning articles and you spin to see your end result how do you go about finding the right location to edit?

Best Free Spinner - Free or Pro Article Spinner, Text Spinner

Okay, so you get the general idea we just looking for terms that we can replace with our contextual links. Well you have to start somewhere and TBS is a pretty steep learning curve when you do it like this so it will certainly keep you busy. Okay, and then we have a look at the new spin article; you can see the outputs like tye.

Spin you article is good techniquibut some high Bbest article sites not accept my spin article when i submit my spin article.

At a minimum you might try yourself and see what you experience. How many articles can you produce from one well written word article?

Beest you heard of this? Sometimes you got an article with an image, sometimes with a video, sometimes both. So do you think 1 article a day would be a good start for them? Hi Matthew, Its really cool to learn of this lifetime license.

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England miss the spin needed to turn them back into a force

Set up a giveaway. None that I'm aware of sorry as I hire full time spinners and train them directly. And… there we go this one here. What we can actually see going to here is the actual video ID is mentioned a couple of times — once there… and once there. A highly spun article like the one in the video, would that be able to be used for quite high number of links in LE before it started getting duplicated? I bought TBS from a link from your sit. To see the percent uniqueness, generate and compare articles again.

I really appreciate if you will also upload your tutorials on Vimeo.

How To Use The Best Spinner To Spin Articles That Fool Google

Hi Matt, I really want to watch your all video tutorials but I cannot watch your video tutorials on youtube. April 20th, at Display article word count and uniqueness percentage. I am thinking to buy this tool.

You can actually spin all the elements in an HTML code like alignment, border, alt text and image source. So if we load these videos up quickly. There are good staff out there, but if you want to pay bottom of the barrel wages then expect bottom of the barrel staff. Hi, 1 Around 2 or 3 articles per day is acceptable.

Cheers for the video. November 30th, at Ali has a doosra, which he learned from Saeed Ajmal, so there is a little devil about him.

Hi, Thanks for your vote. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Article spinning is a method of creating lots of .207 content from 1 source article.

For example, you could have a bulleted listed of items like this. Kahootz Spirograph Deluxe Design Set. And you should have at least of related videos all spun together.

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