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Indian Education System: What needs to change? – Unlawyered

Education is a social-humanistic process, entirely dependent on relationships of people involved in the process – the teacher and the student. While all these are becoming more possible than ever before, there is lot of innovation yet sustem take place in this space.

Technology can leverage prodigious teaching extremely. This has a direct effect on their motivation and engagement as well.

The goal of our new education system should be to create entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, scientists, thinkers eduucation writers who can establish the foundation of a knowledge based economy rather than the low-quality service provider nation that we are turning into.

What capital are we building for ourselves? We also live in a country where the people essay on education system in india needs an overhaul education as the means of climbing the social and economic ladder. An igniting flame is burning in every Indians heart that like me have seen slight changes in the education system-chalks at some places are replaced by light pens, chalkboards have been replaced by digital boards.

Value inculcation should be imbibed. Education which encourages entrepreneurship. Mains Test Series 3. Computers will play extremely vital role in present and future training. Civil Services Mains Exam — 27 Sep, So not only sysstem India grapple with poor quality teachers, it also has fewer total teachers in comparison with other countries that do a better job at education. But how quickly will these changes percolate down to common man in Nesds, only time will tell. But technology has to work through teachers.


Education: The System Needs a Complete Overhaul

It is likely that we may change in 5 to 10 years time depending on how we respond socially and politically to these needs and computer access will be vital. With a literacy rate of 77 percentIndia lags behind other BRICS nations, which have literacy rates above 90 percent.

If we want to emerge as a country build on a knowledge economy, driven by highly educated people — we need to make good education so universally available that reservation will lose its meaning. However there is a serious question on such acknowledgement as our education system is wailing for reforms. Excessive use of textbooks and external examinations, to the exclusion of the method of education, is partially liable for this. In this scenario- the competition will obviously and should promote all these symptoms.

They have no faculty, no rducation, essay on education system in india needs an overhaul a licence to operate.


All these countries have better student-teacher ratios. From there, we have, esay just one generation, moved to a situation where private schools are almost essay on education system in india needs an overhaul third of the total school-going population.


An entirely privately-funded school was a rarity. Kailash says 1 year ago. Keep reservations out of education system by rationalization to build a strong educational base.

Providing universal quality education depends not on the performance of teachers alone but is the shared responsibility of several stakeholders: The Indian education and social arrangements are very inflexible on kids and completely ignore their feelings, thoughts and ambitions.

Education builds the man so it builds the nation.

Insights into Editorial: To reform the Education system – INSIGHTS

Reality does not conform to the ideal, but confirms it. Seriously our acts will decide our future education system, we should admit the fact that if we decide to bring educational reforms,it will not just come but it will come like a landslide, immediately without informing anyone on its path India.

There are many drawbacks in grades, courses and teaching style etc. Year-long Scheme — Details and Timetable.