This is great product and well worth the money. Being forced to live with, keep, etc. Administrator Features could be a little more robust. As more features are added we could validate as we go, which would spread the cost out.

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The technical support is always procslv5 to help with any questions during any phase of the implementation. Your cart is empty. I had a wonderful training with Rocco S.

ProCalV5 Professional (MS Access)

Very good program Cons: No good examples of how to setup up the different modules in Procal. Listed below are explanations of the options available ProCalV5 Professional is a comprehensive system designed to assist calibration and quality managers pdocalv5 compliance. Excellent product support Cons: Not being able to search for the serial number was a big procalc5 for us.

Just starting out in the biz. The system is intuitive, flexible, and mature, thus reducing the time and effort from initial purchase to Production roll-out to the end users.

After the workshop, validation documentation, production implementations, data migrations, and official cutover activities are conducted. Easy to use intuitive software, helpful personnel.

Upgrade to ProCalV5

The software provides the required tracking and documentation to ensure our facility remains regulatory compliant. Needs a little help in the reporting area.

The program is easy to use. With this utility you can import and export information between your production database and your notebook PC. I especially like the training and configuration workshop concept that Prime Technologies follows. Praxair selected Prime Technologies to implement the ProCal provalv5 calibration software in all global production facilities. Field Calibrator Utility - The Field Calibrator procalb5 allows you to download calibration tasks to supported field calibrator devices, and upload the results as ProCalV5 calibration records.

Being forced to live with, keep, etc. Training Management Module - The ProCalV5 Training Module allows users to log and track their employees' training, as well as various courses and classes. The earlier on you start using it the better.

Not enough definitive separation or explanation of items like Loops vs Systems. Planned Maintenance may be used to establish alternate calibration schedules and specifications as well as schedules for other types of maintenance.

The special features are nice and will be better when we get procslv5 data input into the data base.

It is much better than others out there. Greta improvement to business workflow using ProCal work orders. A must have for calibration companies!

ProCalV5 delivers the management benefits, performance advantages and reporting efficiencies only available with a truly full functioning paperless solution. Whenever there has been something that we have liked the software to do differently I can think of once or twice in several years the ProCalV5 folks have made it happen. Search Query is extremely valuable. Many features are able to be customized by you.

That procal5v you can make ProCalV5 available to as many users and define their roles and each user may have ProCalV5 running on their personal workstation. I look forward to audits now! As opposed to other I.

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