Badhousebold font

Suddenly I could use any typeface I wanted, and I went nuts. I've always been more of a Unitarian, typographically, myself. Regarding the Brody font comment, I would argue there are a lot of Brody "designs" out there very few people would want to take credit for If someone has JS turned off, they still get perfectly usable browser text, which still had to be properly styled to make the trick work in the first place. You should know about that situation before going about implementing sIFR in the first place.

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I Love the 80s Miami Vice: But, come on, the game is about zombies, what was I supposed to use, Bodoni?

Bad Neighborhood From House Industries. And sometimes it's something you've never used before, for good reason. When the time is right, I might make that kind of commitment myself. With the widespread adoption of Flash, you should feel free to use badhousebolf and get some sexy headlines going.

Free Bad House Fonts

Webfont Kit This font's license appears to allow you to use font-face css embedding! Download our free beginners guide to fonts. He was very serious.

At least I think it was hidden. I had to laugh out loud when you mentioned the "Scala Years". I think I fixated on Scala Sans for about two years. Typographic design has its own language.

Your fan, Bill G. In order of importance: Then the little voice says, wouldn't that be the perfect font for ClientX? You say your name is Bierut.

Badhouse Bold font

This license can also be found at this permalink: I wish it were included in your book of essays, but then your book would have to be a blog Look at them that's art right there. And then, low and behold, the first project he assigned to me to work on was signage for the Mecklenberg County Courthouse, designed by a fellow modernist of Vignelli's, Harry Wolf: So far I've enjoyed you opinions and anecdotes, but I've been most impressed by your writing style and clarity.

Michael, thanks for making my semi-boring Saturday night a little more tolerable - you big slut! Pretty much everything about the web, and the fundamentals of the net itself for that matter, is nothing but badhouseold bunch safe-ish bets. If I ever win the lottery and can travel wherever I want, I intend to roam all over the U. You may encounter slight variations in the name of this font, depending on where badhousenold use it.

BadhouseBold Free TrueType Font -

Patricia, I only used html body text as an example supporting my point 1 concerning "availability". Best of all, it is personal but not self-indulgent.

Just don't use it on a real project. If I'm working on something that has a lot of different types of information, I'll look for a face that has a variety of weights, italics, small caps, etc.


If people can't read it, or find it difficult to do so, they generally won't bother. It's a noisy, colorful mess of a design project, and just a little bit slutty, but don't tell the principal!

Adding more seems like fun, but it tastes like crap. We've all been there. But now, as an avowed atheist I enjoy pairing things that were never meant to be together, and dredging up difficult fonts to see what can be made with them.

OK, that does it.

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