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A brand new character joins the fight: After 10 years of inactivity, the main full game known as NTSD 2. Freak Konoha Council Member Health: Thanks for the work, guys!

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Sign in or join with: Now we don't live together, but when we can meet on holiday we play in NTSD.

In addition there's a few unfinished characters that are making a return. Will do whenever a full release is out. The 3rd Season is now live! This game is a huge part of my life.

Never thought I would stumble upon a new 22.5 of the old beloved game. Can't wait for release! Wow, I think you caught us all off guard there. But i don't see you interacting with the actual community so you'd be rather a fan making a different version.

NTSD Community Season 3 Released! news - Mod DB

A few people there too 2.55 you can rejoice with and play together. Only registered members can share their thoughts. Tyci Nov 14 lf2.

The name is rather deceiving if you ask me. Nfsd Community in a name is saying that there is a big part of the actual community working on it but you are just people working on it as far as i know. Now that would be misleading. A mod to fighting game Little Fighter 2, featuring Naruto characters, each with their own play style and jutsu from the anime.

NTSD Community Season 3 Released! news

Yeah, but we've pretty much all moved away from the forum and over to the discord channel, which is found in original post. Some of my best times consist of working on this game and being part of this community. You didn't get what that Guest meant, you aren't interacting with the Community of NTSD, no posts in the forum of you and no messages on the Discord Posts Topics Tags Advanced Search. In addition all previous characters that needed to be added through codestool are now added as a balanced or hidden char, so no changes to the data are needed to play any character, making playing online much less painless.

Thanks for the work, guys! Tyci Sep 6 We removed most hellmoves as they take up coding space for normal jutsu. Freak Konoha Council Member Health: Now I'm seventeen and when me and my sister entered the forum and read about 2.

I'm going to stay for as long as I can, and until at least all of the issues I see in the game are gone nts 2. Community Edition Little Fighter 2. These days I'm on a holiday and this place came on my mind, checked it 2 days ago and posted in Water.

Game Little Fighter 2. A few other characters have recieved some new techniques and of course, even more balance changes have been made. Currently there's no jtsd date yet, but everyone's free to join the beta versions in the discord link on OP. We modified the Snow Country background to make it look a bit nicer.

And we're always happy to develop and play our games. Posted by Tyci on Aug 22nd,

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