This will bring up the structure in the main window. There are numerous ways to generate cube files. Browse to the file and click once to highlight it.

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Molekel is a free software multiplatform molecular visualization program. How to Visualize a Molecular Electrostatic Potential with Molekel published The electrostatic potential is a physical quantity that is valuable for understanding intermolecular interactions such as hydrogen or halogen bonding.

Next, in the surface dialog box, select Subtract. This will bring up the structure in the main window. It is all molekek color gray for now. Also, as a piece of advice: Select Load gaussian cube. Click in the black circle next to Map the Surface. If we run it without arguments from the terminal, we get a blank black screen main molekel window and main control panel.

Retrieved molekdl " https: Also, the NoSymm keyword is included to ensure that Gaussian does not reorient the molecule between calculations due to symmetry. Clicking on "grid value" button makes the surface colorful and opens a new window.

Now we're ready to move to the Molekel.

Molekel 5.4.0

Hold down the left mouse button inside the move plane square to move the plane. To edit the file, follow the steps provided below. Give a filename for the surface to be stored as.

Now specify the isovalue to use moekel changing the cutoff value. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention. If this occurs, the cube files could have different coordinates and not line up properly when viewed. Select Load gaussian log. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Click in the circle next to Gaussian Cube.

This scientific software article is a stub.

Viewing Molecular Orbitals with MOLEKEL

I usually use Gimp and Inkscape. We obtain them as "cube files" with Gaussian program molekell. Back to Visualization Home Page. You can change the colormap as desired by changing the values for vmin and vmax. This program reads the cube file created from a Gaussian calculation. We construct the density isosurface by specifying a density value in "cutoff" field and by clicking "create surface" button. A small dialog box appears.

The background can be changed in the "Color" window from the main menu. There are moleke, ways to generate cube files. A structure of our molecule should appear.

Such a change can be done in the "Texture" window from the main menu right click in the main window with the molecule and its colored surface. Chemistry software for Linux Free chemistry software Molecular modelling software Science software that uses Qt Science software stubs. Choose an axis and select Show Plane.

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