Clicking the "Stop" button will bring two options of whether the player wants to quit or continue the puzzle. Cannot be triggered by rolling or sliding objects. Give both BLUPIs a pair of glasses, then set a table so they can get enough energy to jump over the flower bed. See articles under construction for other incomplete articles.

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Blupimania, a real brain crusher

Like the first Blupimania, you can create your own puzzles. Cannot be triggered by rolling or sliding objects. Trick it into the hole If a radio-controlled Blupi turns nasty, the player loses control of that particular Blupi. Can only be opened with a key with the same letter. Once pushed, it will slide in a straight line until it bumps into a solid object or falls into a hole. BLUPI is a robot and you've got the radio-controls.

A fake equivalent exists, with the only differences being the lack of spoon and slightly different labeling on the blupimnia. It tracks Blupi constantly if it detects a nearby Blupi head on or laterally never from its behindbut moves slower compared to the Electrocutors blupimwnia can fall into holes, filling it the same way as the moveable boxes.

Results in automatic loss if the remote-controlled Blupi falls instead. The player can also create their own puzzles. Disappears if a Blupi touches it.

Can be picked up by a Blupi. Rolls forward by an additional tile after the Blupi finished pushing it. Also, using tools depends on where the radio-controlled Blupi's current position and where he is facing, putting further restriction of where and when to use the given tool s. Can be pushed by a Blupi if he has enough energy.

Contents [ show ]. Can break non-corner windows if it is pushed through them.


Blupis caught by this enemy will be zapped. Can be detonated, usually to create a passage. Pressing the former will treat the current puzzle as failed and will give the player a choice between restarting it or returning back to the main menu. An upright device with four pointy zappers, each pointing to one of the four main directions. Remove a fence to b,upimania him get to the balloon. Can lbupimania pushed into holes to fill them.

WineHQ - Blupimania 2

In the blupimznia Blupis mode, the titular Blupis are basically robots that the player can directly control or even command to perform a certain task. Drinking while the Blupi's energy is full will result in that Blupi collapsing through the floor. The player can also use tools in the suspended puzzle.

A radio-controlled Blupi is denoted with an aerial antenna on his head. That Blupi has to carry it to the door with the same letter to open it.

Refills a Blupi's energy if he interacts with it. Can be popped by nasty Blupis.

Blupimania 2

blupimnaia Give both BLUPIs a pair of glasses, then set a table so they can get enough energy to jump over the flower bed. This type of enemy does not move by default, but it will quickly chase down a Blupi if he is lined with one of the zappers.

Be careful, he's very greedy! See articles under construction for other incomplete articles. Comes bluppimania three variations: Makes Blupis walk faster if they walk the same direction as indicated.

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